Cost of replacement windows

Claims of a special price for microsoft Windows 7 in Indonesia that offer still seems to spend quite a lot of users.

Windows Client Product Manager Microsoft Indonesia explained that the price of Windows 7 to Indonesia in the category of emerging market developing countries alias.

Of the four variants of this OS has to offer, namely the Windows 7 version of Home Basic, Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate, dibanderol prices starting from USD 900 thousand. "As for the Ultimate version of Rp 2 million - 3.5 million," he told several reporters on the sidelines the release of Windows 7 and Windows Phone is held at the Hard Rock Cafe Jakarta.

Price, Lukman said, somewhat less expensive when compared with other countries that are grouped into the mature market. The difference can reach 10-20 percent.

"Even if you bought in online stores like Amazon for example, the selling price could be more expensive because the price could be set for the mature market," he said.

Even so, Microsoft's Chief Operating Officer Faycal Indonesia also has admitted Bouchlagem special price packages for a number of the users. As for the education, government, until the enterprise. But how many of these special package prices do not express


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