How to Improve Phone Only By Code

Tips on repairs to damages only with phone
using a secret code and pengerjaanyapun very easy. Many mobile phone users confused and panic if they find problems on the phone and they come to the phone service center to immediately repair the damage. In his mind there may be feelings of fear that if the damage could have a wider impact again, so that should be immediately brought to the service center.

Actually there are some easy things that should be done in case of problems with your phone, which may very easily but could not think in your mind or do not know about other possibilities. It is easy to format and reset the factory settings if your phone is having problems, or better known as hard reset the phone.

And with the factory settings reset so many minor problems on the phone that you think can be overcome weight by doing this. Here are our experiences in repairing damage to your phone using the code
secrets in various types of mobile phones:
Hang overcome performance that can make your phone slow or not working at all
Overcome common phone or auto restart on of
Overcome The phone itself often die within minutes or hours
There Overcome ringing caused you turn the switch off the menu but do not know how to turn it on
Write SMS Overcome can not perform the alphabet / letters, but that appears only numerical or numbers only
Can not write Overcome SMS lost due to the folder
One Overcome Icon menu in the phone can not be activated or enabled
Overcome the emergence of the message on the phone PHONE LOCK
Overcome Display menu chaotic and irregular
Overcome virus belonging to the mobile
Overcome the emergence of the message "application closed" at the World Vehicle Telekomunikasi Indonesia Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 May, 2008, 19:50 phone
Overcome the emergence of the message "system error" on the phone
Overcome the emergence of the message "Phone start-UP CONTACT Retailer" on the phone
Overcome nokia blink 4 times on your Nokia series symbiyan
Overcome an error in the camera take a picture or a message appears NOT READY and the camera can not be used
Overcome the emergence of the message "MEMORY FULL" when the contents of memory in the empty condition of many DLL
Some important things that must be considered before making these improvements:
going back to the early setting like the beginning of factory settings, so that important data such as Phonebook, ringtones, pictures and
hilang.Gunakan software applications will be built like a PC suite to back up data or if your phone uses Memory
external memory data to move it.
Language setting location, to prevent the display language change that can make you confused, especially on the phone - your mobile phone
lack of understanding menunya.Untuk
comunicator series you can delete files that have Officenya
install again.
The ways to reset the phone based on various
sequence of damage that is often encountered:
Nokia Series 60:
full battery or at least failed to 1/2nya to prevent rebooting process
do not use a memory card because it can lead to memory card unreadable after rebooting process.
reset when the phone is alive and using the simcard
the code * # 7780 # and then the notification messages will appear on the screen to perform
reset, press OK. After that, you are prompted to enter a security code
phone, enter the default code is 12345, phone will reset the data and
wait until it docked selesai.Jika already changed the code then you
can not perform this process.
the code * # 7370 #. such processes do a soft reset.
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This step is very effective to overcome the various problems
on 60 series phones
The phone in dead condition and use
battery (same battery usage as above)
Remove the memory card
Press the switch on, after the phone immediately life
press the "call + * + 3 at the same time
After press the button a message will appear at the phone display format, leave and wait
until the process is completed.
This step is quite effective for overcoming Phone Start Up
contact retailers and 4x blink nokia.
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Nokia Series 40:
- Process
be reset when the phone is alive and using a simcard
- Type
key * # 7780 #,
- Press
- Enter
12345th standard code
- Press
yes and the phone will restart.
This step is quite effective to overcome and auto restart
off of the phone series 40
Nokia communicator (9210, 9300 and 9500)
- Disable
- Remove
battery and external memory
- Wait
about 10detik then re-insert the battery
- Open
phone to view the screen in, after the screen in life immediately press
CTRL + SHIFT key + F simultaneously. This process is done before
pictures appear on the screen in his hand.
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- After
It will show a notification message if your phone will do the format?
- Press
ok and wait until the process is complete.
This step is quite effective to overcome hang, restart and
slow phone performance. communicator series
Nokia 7710 and 7700:
- Disable
- Remove
battery and external memory
- Wait
about 10detik then re-insert the battery
- When the show made nokia
on the phone screen immediately press and hold
above the left button + menu button + menu button the second button
the right of the phone
- After
It would appear the message notification to mobile phone format
- Press
proceed button
- Wait
until the process is complete.
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This step is quite effective to overcome hangs and menus
difficult enabled
Nokia CDMA:
- Sign
to main menu
- Select
- Select
"Restore factory settings"
- Shown
message on the screen "Security Code" and enter the default code 12345th
- Press


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