Dismantling Facebook Application for BlackBerry 1.5

With the add-on called Xobni Outlook in Facebook before, the add-on is being able to provide contacts in Facebook by name. However, over time, RIM is trying to create with the release of the latest edition of the Facebook for BlackBerry, version 1.5, on Tuesday (22 / 4) yesterday.

Facebook application for BlackBerry 1.5 is able to load a new feature to integrate the BlackBerry's contact information with the relevant contacts photos on Facebook. If the application is selected, the image is in the BlackBerry contact list together with friends profile pictures on Facebook to update. The update can be done manually update on Facebook, by clicking on the name of the selected friend. From the screen, the user can also ask a friend's phone number, and view their contact information on the BlackBerry.

The results, photos friends will be displayed in the user address book, along with their profile name on Facebook. Users can also click the phone number to call, or use the shortcut to poke buddy or opened up for Facebook to develop a draft of a message or note wall. Facebook for BlackBerry application could also be a birthday reminder and calendar events to the BlackBerry.

RIM also integrates and updates the status messages in the BlackBerry application, the conversation will be displayed in the form of IM (Instant Message) on the application, a list of phone messages in the inbox. For the language, the application is available in French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Czechoslovakia, simple or traditional Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

Facebook for BlackBerry can now be downloaded in mobile.blackberry.com via mobile browser or from www.blackberry.com / go / facebook. (h_n)


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