Choosing Antivirus

The best antivirus should be fairly easy to use for beginners. Effektiv have antivirus software to scan / scanning and identifying the virus attacks, as well as cleaning and isolate files that are infected. Having a coherent report on each scan. There are a lot of support / help yg also easy to read and learn so that we know the activity and kapalbilitasnya easily. Here are some criteria yg can be used to evaluate an anti-virus software

  1. Easy to use. Anti-virus software into shape should be easy to use, regardless of our skills and knowledge.
  2. Effektiv when identifying the virus and the like. Best antivirus products can recognize the data quickly infected by scanning in real-time, seek and find the virus in many places, including email, instant messaging applications, web browsing and so on.
  3. Effektiv when cleaning and isolating file-infected file. Anti-virus software can reliably reply perfectly clean, delete or quarantine files infected file - stop the spread of the virus in the hard disk or over a network.
  4. Activity Report. Anti virus into shape immediately provide notification of viruses found by real-time scanning and provides the results of scanning / scan-in to read the data and wrote the virus and the damage caused
  5. Feature. Fitu-existence of the additional features (plugins) makes a more powerful anti-virus in providing protection. Tough anti virus yg always offered a variety of tools, ranging from real-time scanning used to reply more sophisticated, heuristic scanning and script blocking, anti-virus better if the choice options more tungsi toolnya.
  6. Installation and setup-over. Anti-virus should be easy to install and use with its only just a few mouse clicks.
  7. Documentation help / assistance. Latest anti-virus is usually a lot of his help, including support via email, chat online or via telephone. There should also documents online, such as the knowledge base and FAQ, or a list of common questions about software question tsb.


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