Benefits Sex Facts 6

Who says sex is only fun for manjanjikan side of your life. In fact sex shows benefit in various sides of life and not just for harmony with a partner. Do not believe it? 6 Consider the following facts.

1. Sex = help your job
Sex with a good quality especially when accompanied by an orgasm, can make you become more relaxed and make the concentration as well as the mind becomes more clear. So, from the peeping pictures naked desperate eh idol artists on the sidelines of your job, better just get naked with your partner in your bedroom.

2. Sex = increase endurance
Often a mild flu or a headache? Sex can be a powerful drug for you. A healthy sex can increase the body's immune system. Studies show that people who routinely perform sexual activities, more often exposed to mild flu-like illness. And the romantic side, according to health experts, that the kiss is believed to reduce blood pressure levels and in the long run, can suppress the level of cholesterol. In the short term, a kiss can reduce the bacteria that normally thrive in the teeth, can release bacteria that increase the production of antibodies to fight infection. Even just by holding hands or arms, can reduce stress levels.

3. Sex = sports
Aerobics and yoga is good for the body, but sex is also a sport that is not less good and healthy for your heart. While the yoga and aerobic exercise requires flexibility and flexibility of the body, as well as the various positions and techniques presented in the Kama Sutra. When making love, almost the whole body moving and your pelvic muscles as well, stomach, legs, arms, breathing and for some men, sex is also meant to train muscle strength, especially in the standing position.

4. Sex = saving money
Handbody How many bottles do you spend all this time to get soft smooth skin nan? And you do not need to waste a lot of money to buy a super expensive Handbody if the sex alone, you can get the ideal skin. Why? This can happen because when you have an orgasm, the sweat produced by the body oils that are good for the skin and to get the best benefits, after making love, do not rush to the bathroom to wash myself, but trying to do after play and let the oil seep back into your body.

5. Sex = youthful drug
How many people vying to find a way to look younger? These people are willing to drain their pockets just to look younger than their actual age. Yet the experts have to say, with regular sex or about 3 times a week you can look 10 years younger than your actual age. All this happens because when you have an orgasm or when you really enjoy sex, your body produces hormones that can help you lose weight and relieve pain and bring comfort. So save money khan?

6. Sex = booster PD
Conduct regular quality sex with partners can be a confidence booster you. Routinely have sex with a partner can create a sense of comfort, safety and inner satisfaction that can fill your mind will be positive things about yourself, your spouse and your life.


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