beautiful way to enjoy the new year 2010

We've enjoyed the new year in Jogjakarta, Bali, semarang, how crowded people so to walk toward the place where the fireworks will be in the title is so hard

We offer New Year's package at our yg Karimunjawa limit of 150 visitors (sekapasitas speedboats), obviously relatively quiet, but we will be more to enjoy the coming New Year's Eve we will pack up with fireworks at the beach, we all can imagine how much fun how nice to wait for the New Year at the seaside also enjoyed the fireworks together, with no crowded

New Year's Eve but we can enjoy the natural beauty of the natural beach and beautiful underwater reply, that we can all enjoy a glass boat (GLASS BOTTOM BOAT), and with bersnorkling we can see the beautiful coral reefs and variety of ornamental fish, we'll pack package 3Hari 2Malam Start date Wednesday December 30 to Friday January 1, 2010


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