Tips Maintaining Relationships With Girlfriend

Long time no write Achiles tips about love-style physicians often fail to love in love: D. OK deh, this time in order to connect the previous article about how to manage feelings of love and tips on coping with jealousy, then this morning Achiles selected titles are tips to keep a relationship with a boyfriend. After we get the ideal girlfriend (who have not ya dong business!), Then our next task is to maintain a relationship with a boyfriend who loved it so do not just walk past 3 months just broke up with reasons never clear: D. Tips to keep this relationship is not merely because it Achiles tips consult with a football coach and he said that worthy to published hihihi ...

1. Give freedom, not restraint. We are also human girlfriend who has the right to grow and interact. Do not give resistance to mix with others and the environment he loved. Trust is indispensable in maintaining a relationship with a boyfriend.

2. A good relationship with our partner families. Although not directly related, but the family remains important in a relationship. With a good reception from our boyfriend's family, then the more comfortable we will be able to enjoy during sex with a girl going out of our dream.

3. Start Start steps to better understand the nature of the bad. No man is perfect, because it realized that our partner is not an angel or angels of heaven that has no weaknesses. Perhaps the nature of our girlfriend's childish, spoiled, loud, possessive, or even too cool and not romantic. Try to understand and there is also a good idea if we look at weaknesses as strengths he has. That way, the attitude of understanding and mutual trust can we keep in a relationship.

4. Each other to form, not collide each other. There are times when we or our partner will not give in to each other in a problem. Therefore, mutual form (and not collide each other) that one person with others is also necessary so that later we can change each other's habits sama2 we do not like.

5. Do not involve other people if there is a problem in a relationship. Our nature often involve others (whether friends, relatives or even parents) can be a boomerang for the relationship we are living. Because it is better if we talk about it together with a more open, honest and clear about what we feel and think. This also is a mirror of independence a serious relationship and not spoiled.

Ok deh, I think enough tips to keep your boyfriend hunbungan this time. Please to develop their own this article in accordance with the experience and needs of all friends. If there are any questions about how to maintain a relationship with a girlfriend, please contact the nearest hardware store


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