Increase vitality Sexual

Every person must have longed for a fresh body and strong in sexnya life, especially the men.

To preserve the marital relationship in the household, so have a great sexual vitality, so that although every day sex activities, undisturbed health can use traditional medicines with the ingredients of 30 grains of black pepper.

How to make:

  1. Yellow-egg stirring until a liquid.
  2. China petai just taken it, and then dried in the sun until completely dry, and crushed until smooth.
  3. Also crushed pepper until smooth.

Mix these three ingredients together. Then mixed with honey and stir until blended. Drink once it away without leaving a residue.

If you drink every day of this medicinal herb, of course your body will always be fresh and powerful. Health is not disturbed, even if every day you have intercourse multiple times


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