How to Send Secret Messages on Facebook

His tips this time is how to send secret messages on Facebook. This secret message in the form of morse code which is usually used by the Boy Scouts or other special units. The purpose of the use of this secret message is that the message could not be read by others, especially when many of our friends who already know how to hack facebook password that caused our account and diacak2 inaccessible by others. By knowing how to send secret messages on facebook is so secret we can guarantee message

For who are interested in this trick how easy enough, you live in to this site morse service, then type the phrase you want in the box provided. After that click the button encode. If you receive a message and want to interpret Morse, select the option to stay Morse Code to text and enter the code you want to read and press decode. With this facility, you can send messages to each other in the Wall or your status without someone else who knows. Commented on Facebook activity becomes more fun.


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