Creating Windows into the Original

For the users of pirated Windows XP Pro and can not use the new update from the microsoft, need not be discouraged. We have a solution for you ngerubah pirated windows become genuine windows (Genuine) in the eyes of microsoft. so you can update your windows from microsoft as much without fear of your windows in the turns of the microsoft. Safe even when there are sweeping.

Prior described the tutorial, first download the supporting files HERE

Make sure you use an administrator account before you begin your pirated Windows juggle!
Run keyFinder.exe (Some antivirus detect it as possible spyware). Will look like the following picture:

Continue to select change windows key.

Replace key. Using windows xp key.txt already bundled in the package. Continue to click OK. There will be notified when a successful

STEP IV –> Finish
check the authenticity of your current windows. Open the folder "tool from Microsoft Create an original check or a counterfeit Windows", run the "Microsoft Genuine Advantage Diagnostic Tool.exe". Wait a minute, if successful would look like the image below:

Validation status of your current window "Genuine" Kalo failed (Invalid Status / BLK) Try Again.

Now Windows you are 100% original!!


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