10 Maintaining Love

Sometimes we are confused, why anyone would survive so long in a relationship or marriage, but there is also a break in the middle of the road. That said, there are some things that cause relationships preserved, namely:

* 1 * Communication

Happiness is determined by two people. Means there must be mutual. One way of achieving this is by communication. If you've started acting like a stranger with a partner, meaning you lose communications. Communication means not only talking but also listening. Adopsilah a good attitude in communication, ie listening to people talking to complete, before you express your own opinions.

* 2 * Honesty

A lot of people are keeping secrets from each other. Sometimes, hiding something so even the best solution. But, more and more couples who argued that it was honesty that makes their marriage or long-lasting relationship. It may be, the truth is bitter when he heard, but honesty will save the relationship.

* 3 * Mutual trust

How bitter and sad life if you constantly tense and suspicious, is it true that all couples say. For example, when he came home late with a bad reason or no emergency meeting, should it always be suspicious materials? If there is a sense of trust, little things like that will never be a threat.

* 4 * Laugh

Almost everyone acknowledges that laughter is a panacea for a relationship. Even in moments of embarrassment, the explosion could be a savior laughed the soothing atmosphere. Do this, and make the wrinkles on the edge of your lips into something fun.

* 5 * Make friends with the couple

How can we be lovers, if we can not be friends, said Michael Bolton in one song. He was right, because sex with someone who can not be friends, will not last long. Relationship, it takes more than just emotion.

* 6 * Mutual respect

There was no successful relationship if someone looked down on her partner. There must be respect, there should be recognition in the climbing life. From whom else it was obtained if not from his own spouse? But, do not forget, to get respect from your partner, you must respect yourself first.

* 7 * Love of all time

What's his name without the love affair? So, convince yourself, love him and he loves you. And these two people must be convinced of it.

* 8 * Compromise

Like when we study economics, we know that the balance would be achieved if the demand and supply curves meet at one point. In romance, this is not much different. What you want from him, and vice versa, need to compromise to achieve balance. There are little things that you need to sacrifice to obtain happiness. And vice versa.

* 9 * Mutual forgiveness

Give apology and do not hold a grudge. For such a big mistake, 'law' is also still valid. Once you throw a grudge, then the relationship will not last long.

* 10 * Prayer

No need a very religious person to ask this opinion. If you accompany your love affair with prayer and beg mercy

to bless your life together, then your relationship will always

always be blessed and durable.

Good luck!!


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