Tips How to Be Thin / Slim / Slender No Fat / Fat / Fat Again With Healthy

Being fat is not always good. Just imagine if you are overweight you are having a sack of rice. 50 pounds overweight body is the same as normal people who have weight proportionate to height menangkat sacks of rice weighing 50 kg carried himself.

Who must be tired out deh our energy in vain to lift the burden that we should not take it. Become so wasteful of energy, it is better transferred to the starving people in Africa there.

Tired of being a fat person? Maybe tips from the community website can be a little helping and encouraging you to save energy: D to do the following below:

1. Eat as needed, but Nutritious Fair

Eat before you are hungry and stop eating before you are full is a good habit for people who are overweight. Calculate all the elements content in food and beverages we consume such as calories, fat, protein, carbohydrates, fats, cholesterol, vitamins, minerals, and diamonds so do not let the lack and not to excess.

Fasting every day is very good for those who want to be thin / lean during the dawn and breaking fast meal is not over acting. This way not only to the Islam it and if done correctly will make your body become healthier.

2. Change Eating Habits And Replace Trash Snack / Junk Food

If not satisfied there might be an impulse desire to eat something light-light. Many were trapped for samapah aka eat junk food that contains no nutrients means and tends to give adverse effects on the body due to sugar content, salt, fat, cholesterol, etc. that exceed the threshold into our stomachs.

From now on just change the food waste into your friend at times a bit hungry with fresh vegetables are clean and hygienic. It was not so good, but what should we think is good for our bodies.

3. Implementing Healthy Living Pattern

Avoid smoking cigarettes secarang directly or indirectly from smokers who are around us, sleep and proper rest portions, regular exercise, medical checkups regularly, eat nutritious foods without chemicals, and so forth.

4. Changing Drinking Habits

Drink lots of water which at least eight glasses of many a day to keep our body's metabolism and prevent dehydration or lack of fluids in our bodies. How can any white water jua higien drinking water remains the most healthy for our consumption.

Strive not to drink cold water when our stomachs filled with food so that fat can be digested properly and does not clot / sediment in our digestive system. Normal temperature water drink lukewarm or warm for the good of our stomachs.

Avoid munuman that contain sugar, soda, caffeine, instant energy, alcohol, etc. in order not to give bad impact to the health of our bodies. In any drinks sometimes contain a greater content of the foods we eat.

5. Active Sports activity and often physical

Get used to the routine and diligent enough physical exercise means and can make our body sweat out much and tiring. Do not exercise that only uses the brain such as chess, bridge, shooting, and others.

In everyday life was not to escape from physical activity to burn calories when we like to travel short distances to avoid using cars, medium distance with a bike, up the stairs rather than take the elevator, do not Paki laundry machines, washing dishes with his own hands , and so on.


Spirit, intention and your hard work is needed to achieve the desired results. Be careful with the technique or method to slim down / slimming instantly with chemicals, drugs etc. that may be harmful effects for the health of your body. Let the spirit of ... leave a sack of rice that you carry everywhere.


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