How to Change the Display Layout Facebook

Inspired by an article discussing blogs around the question about facebook, and there is written in the first part (it might be the most questionable about facebook), which is about how to alter the look or layout of facebook like the look of other social networks like friendster or myspace which can be changed according to the wishes of users.

Indeed to this day as one of the Facebook social networking sites are most interested, especially the users of Indonesia more days, more berjibun amount, but in terms of appearance facebook still can not be replaced as well as social networking sites the other.

There are 2 tricks that can be done to change the appearance of your facebook layout, but of the two ways are not going to completely change your appearance permanently facebook, because you just simply sendirlah which will see changes in its pages, but your friends will not see changes that facebook pages have you change it.

If you want to keep changing your facebook page with the consequences already described above, this is how:

1. First way

- Visit Website Yantoo

- Select "start Instalation"

- Install Add-Ons and Restart your Mozilla Browser

- Look for Changes In Your Profile

2. Both ways

- Install Application Page Rage on your Facebook

- Select the display on Want It

- Look for Changes In Your Profile

Description: All of the above process can be done by using the Mozilla Firefox browser or if you do not pick the Mozilla Firefox browser on your computer, please download for free here


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