Easy ways Setting GPRS MMS and the Internet Mobile

Your Nokia mobile phone users and found it difficult to GPRS and MMS settings via OTA, via SMS service to each operator?

There's an easy way to get the GPRS settings, MMS and Internet to mobile users Nokia, namely through the Nokia website.

Try your next follow, we recommend setting one by one, after getting an SMS message and have been activated, can request the next setting, so as not to overlap, when filling a PIN.

Before clicking the link below, you'll want to know that the operators supported are: Exelcom, Indosat, Telkomsel

As an illustration when requesting setting WAP / GPRS, after entering the link below:

Phone Model: select, NEXT
Select a Service: click WAP / GPRS
Country: select Indonesia, click NEXT
WAP Service Provider: choose one's way, click NEXT
Security Measure: write a character that appears usually in the form of numbers.
Phone Number: +62
eg no hp you 0856XXXXXXX (the number 0 on the left should not be included, so the writing becomes +62856 XXXXXX.
Order Click Settings

Your PIN: red, a good record, for the activation will be sent via SMS (make sure no hp true writing, usually no less than half an hour will receive an SMS configuration settings. Repulse, Save, fill in the requested PIN that you have recorded OK, Done.

You can make the next setting, by clicking again on the link below, select what you want, follow the steps.

To start the requested settings, click the following link: Setting Nokia

Usually mobile settings can work if the GPRS has been activated by the operator. Setting GPRS mobile phones and activation are two different things. Activation can be done by talking directly to the CS operator, who can be reached number listed in the instructions on the starter pack (SIM Card).

For some hp need additional access point settings manually, in order to run the application associated with the Internet.

Good luck.

Manual Setting Examples can see the following link, type the other nokia I guess not much different way:
Setting Manual GPRS MMS Nokia N73
Setting Manual GPRS Nokia 3110c
Setting Manual GPRS MMS Nokia 2600 classic


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