Changing Blog DoFollow being Nofollow at Blogspot

Nofollow and DoFollow term would have been familiar among the bloggers. But I will still explain a bit about the difference between blogs DoFollow and Nofollow blogs. If the blog DoFollow links that we give to the comments will be considered as a backlink by search engines, especially Google. While Nofollow blogs, the link is not considered as a backlink.

Every thing must have a positive side and negative side. So it is with DoFollow and Nofollow matters. Here are the advantages and disadvantages.

(+) Can reduce the smell of SPAM comments on your blog.
(-) Advertisers will be reduced from your blog, because usually the advertisers will find that nature DoFollow blog. So that will enhance its position in search engines.

(+) Will more and more advertisers are interested in displaying ads on your blog.
(-) Possible SPAM the greater.

Now depending on which one you choose for your blog, whether DoFollow or Nofollow?

If you want NoFollow, so yo don't have to set it again, because at blogspot has become initial setting (default setting), unless you change the blog template from a third party. But if you choose DoFollow, you must change the settings templates code. Here are the steps to setting :

  1. First entry and login with your account.
  2. Then select "Layout".
  3. Click "Edit HTML".
  4. Click the "Download Full Template". So that if something goes wrong at the time of change, you can easily restore it as before.
  5. After that check the "Expand Widget Templates".
  6. Then find the following code href = 'data: comment.authorUrl' rel = 'nofollow'.
  7. Please remove the code rel = 'nofollow' it and click "Save Template".

Your blog will be dofollow blogs just like this blog. So do not forget to comment on the contents of this DoFollow blog.

Tips: How to distinguish between Nofollow and DoFollow blog. View page source it, how to right click on a web page, and select page source. Continue and find code "href" , if followed by the code rel = 'nofollow' means that nature nofollow blog, if not there is DoFollow.

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