Checking Tricks YM Invisible Status

Every person who has a Yahoo account can be sure to use applications provided by Yahoo itself is YahooMassenger (There are a few version). Chating applications have a menu in Invisible status to people who use listed in YM list see our offline status when in fact people use online.Biasanya Invisible status for another busy or away from a trick to seseorang.Berikut check of YM Invisible Status:

1. Using facility IMVironments. (Existing facilities in YM)
- Login first with the IM you.
- Click 2 times your friend ID which will be seen
- Click IMVironments -> Yahoo Tools -> Doodle ..

- Having appeared "Waiting For Your Buddy to load Doodle", wait a few seconds.
- If it changes Doodle "Blank", meaning he Invisible.
- If the situation remains the same Doodle means he Offline.

2. Checked by using sites that provide such services.
The following list of sites that provide such services:

3) Using the Buddy Spy software.
You can download it at
After the software is installed you can click on "Scan Options" and enter the ID that we pengen detection.


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